20 Hollywood Stars & Their Canine Companions

Famous or not, pup parents all have one very special thing in common—they love their fur kids!

No matter what celebrity scandal is plastered throughout the tabloids, we hold respect for those who care for their pups. After all, they treat their dogs like royalty! Hollywood stars are no exception. Many of them couldn’t stand being away from their pooches, and would sometimes even bring them on set.

We look back at some classic Hollywood stars who loved their dogs. 

1. Rita Hayworth


The actress loved many pups, but her favourite was her beloved Spaniel.

2. Marilyn Monroe


The talented beauty has been photographed with dogs of all shapes and sizes, and loved many of her own in her lifetime. Just look at that smile!

3. Alfred Hitchcock

i_Hitchcock and his dog

The British director and his West Highland Terrier were inseparable.

4. Joan Crawford


The talented triple-threat (she could sing, dance and act!) was obsessed with her Dachshunds.

5. Elizabeth Taylor


The dazzling beauty brought her dogs everywhere!

6. & 7. Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart


The couple (they wed in 1945 and stayed together until his death in 1957) considered Harvey the Boxer as their own child. So much love!

8. Eartha Kitt


Eartha Kitt loved her dogs, who were almost as fabulous as their owner!

9. Buster Keaton


The comedian has been photographed with many different types of dogs. Our favourite is his St. Bernard, Elmer.

10. Shirley Temple


The pint-sized star loved all types of dogs, but her favourite was her beloved Buster.

11. Lena Horne


She couldn’t look happier with all those puppies!

12. Grace Kelly


The actress loved dogs of all shapes, but her favourites were the larger breeds!

13. Rudolph Valentino


“The Great Lover” handled dogs like a champion, and kept many as his own pets.

14. Anna May Wong


The Chinese-American movie star loved her Dachshund!

15. Marlon Brando


Hollywood hunk, Marlon Brando, looks even more attractive alongside his beautiful pup!

16. Brigitte Bardot


The French beauty was often photographed holding pups. She couldn’t keep her eyes off them!

17. James Dean


Jimmy was known for his bad boy attitude, but he also loved his Border Collie.

18. Cary Grant


The actor couldn’t stop smiling at this terrier. He truly loved dogs!

19. Clark Gable


The handsome star was his Irish Setter’s #1 fan!

20. Audrey Hepburn


Hollywood icon, Audrey Helpburn, was an absolute dog fanatic!

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