It’s that time of year again! I am talking about the Super Bowl, of course – but especially the commercials that come with it! We aren’t lucky enough to watch highly talked about ads during the game but that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying them over the years! Thanks to the Internet, we can enjoy the pricey ads as well. Check out some of our favourites from “Mean Joe” Greene for Coca-Cola to Betty White for snickers. If you feel we’ve missed one, please share it in the comment section!

Coca-Cola ‘Mean Joe Greene’

This Coca-Cola classic featured defensive tackle Charles Edward Greene a.k.a. Mean Joe Greene has been parodied endlessly over the years. And for that, we say, “Thanks, Mean Joe!”

‘1984’ Apple Macintosh Commercial

The beginning of Apple madness, this Mac commercial was introduced in 1984. It doesn’t seem like much now, but back then, this ad was proof that Apple wasn’t just ahead of the game computer-wise.

Ray Charles 1991 Pepsi

Watch this Pepsi ad featuring Ray Charles and try not to get the tune stuck in your head for the afternoon. Yes, well played, Pepsi, well played.

Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan for McDonald’s

The lengths these two will go to get “nothing but net” is hilariously endless, but even better is Jordan’s multicoloured shirt and shorts and the quintessential ’90s jam playing in the background.

Cindy Crawford for Pepsi

Cindy Crawford in a white bodysuit and jean cutoffs would be enough to make an teen boy drool, but add a Pepsi and you may be surprised.

Terry Tate Office Linebacker for Reebok

Don’t we all need a Terry Tate Office Linebacker to get us in line sometimes? “You kill the Joe, you make some mo’!” That sounds reasonable, Terry.

Budweiser Wassup

A simple concept triggered everyone’s inner bro, prompting a national flood of “Wassuuuup!” greetings. Only now can we watch this clip again without wincing.

Old Spice

A shirtless, witty Isaiah Mustafa charmed us all in these Old Spice ads and prompted many parodies. But we must say, nobody can pull off “I’m on a horse” better.

Betty White Snickers Super Bowl Commercial 2010

Who doesn’t love Betty White? Especially when she’s talking back like a 20-something playing football with his buddies.

Careerbuilder.com Monkeys Around

Not many things can lighten the despair of going to a job you hate everyday. Except monkeys. They can turn anyone’s frown upside down. And a monkey driving is even better.

Pug Attack for Doritos

Doritos knows you can’t go wrong with a pug, especially when it is captured running in slow motion.

The Force: Volkswagen

This mini Darth Vader stole the hearts of many and goes at the top of our list for all-time favourite Super Bowl commercials.

The Dog Strikes Back: Volkswagen

Volkswagen certainly has the formula for a good commercial mastered. It followed its pint-sized Darth Vader with a dog!

Ferris Bueller Returns for Honda

The ’90s cult classic came back in a big way with this Honda CRV commercial. Ferris Bueller fans everywhere were smitten with this blast from the past.

Volkswagen, Mon

The latest from Volkswagen has had a bit of push back. But we couldn’t help but chuckle at the actor’s spot-on, “Turn that frown, the other way around.”

Taco Bell: Viva Young

Taco Bell proves that boomers can party, too. The late nights and spontaneous tattoo sessions are not just for the young, you know.