All-Star Cast Confirmed for Rob Ford Movie Musical

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It’s a Rob Ford video you’ll actually want the world to see, and it’s headed for big screens in the New Year. My Fair Ford: Rob Ford The Musical, based on the controversial Toronto mayor’s recent drug and alcohol-fuelled troubles, is set to launch production with an all-star cast, including Robert De Niro, Bob Newhart and an un-retired Gene Hackman.

“It’s a true redemption tale,” says Dan Stevens, executive in charge of production at VisionWorx Entertainment Ltd. “To us, Rob Ford’s like a working man’s Robert Downey Jr. – he’s human, made mistakes, hit rock bottom, and there’s nowhere to go but up.” Stevens has attached a legendary Oscar-winning director to the project which will be announced at a later date.

The Plot
My Fair Ford – a takeoff of My Fair Lady – is as much as Toronto’s tale as it is Ford’s. Stevens notes it begins in the present day with a down-and-out Mayor Rob Ford, abandoned by even his closest allies, clinging to office despite a tide of calls for his resignation following the crack smoking scandal.

Meanwhile, former Toronto mayors David Miller and John Sewell watch the scandal unfold on the news and, seeing pathos in the situation for both Ford and the city, make a bet that they can take him under their (left) wing and transform him from a public relations disaster into a respectable mayor in ample time to kick off his reelection campaign.

The Stars
Click through the following pages for a slideshow of the cast so far, including the star who’ll be portraying the embattled Mayor Ford himself. Following the slideshow is a list of confirmed songs already in the works, including “Memories – I Have None, I was in a Drunken Stupor,” “I’m Gonna Wash that Crack Right Outta of My Pipe,” and “Don’t Cry for Me Etobicoke.”

Rob Ford played by Gerard Depardieu

Doug Ford played by Val Kilmer

Police Chief Bill Blair played by Robert De Niro

Former Toronto mayor David Miller played by Kevin Kline

Former Toronto mayor John Sewell played by Gene Hackman

Doug Holyday played by Steve Buscemi

Karen Stintz played by Kristen Wiig

Jon Stewart as Adam Vaughn

Adam Vaughn played by Jon Stewart

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly played by Bob Newhart

Denzil Minnan-Wong played by Fred Armisen

Will Ferrell as Ford Nation

And introducing Mel Lastman… as himself

The Songs
Stevens offered up a sneak peek at some of the songs in the works:

1. “All That Crack”
2. “Don’t Cry for Me Etobicoke”
3. “I Could Have Drank All Night”
4. “Memories – I Have None, I was in a Drunken Stupor”
5. “Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’ To Save Taxpayers Money”
6. “Tomorrow – I’ll Still Be Mayor So Suck It Socialists”
7. “I’m Gonna Wash that Crack Right Outta of My Pipe”

With files from Tianna Robinson, Nadine Sharon Anglin, and Cynthia Cravit.