Grandkids Guide to …”Brave”

(opens June 22)

Disney and Pixar have amazed once again with the film Brave, which takes place in old Scotland, when kings and queens and princesses once roamed. But there is only one princess like Merida. The strong, fiery redhead goes on a dangerous quest to change her fate after her mother, the Queen (Emma Thompson), arranges for her to be married – against the tomboyish Merida’s wishes. But things go terribly wrong and have Merida (voiced by Boardwalk Empire’s Kelly Macdonald) struggling to save her mother and mend the relationship between them. Of course, there’s action, but mixed with flying arrows and intense sword fights, the movie ultimately represents that family is the most important thing and never to be risked. Although it can be heavy at times, Brave will also have you at the edge of your seat itching to find out what happens next or laughing your head off at Merida’s doting father, the giant Highlander of a King (Billy Connolly) and her mischievous little brothers. Beautifully animated (Merida’s horse looks real enough to touch), Brave is enjoyable for all ages and is destined to be a family favourite. I am a quarter Scottish myself and, after seeing almost everyone in the theatre wearing their kilts and tartans, it made me interested in my own family history. I found Brave truly inspiring – be who you want to be and fight for those you love.

—Maddy Heyes, 15