Happy holidays!

We at zoomermag.com love this time of year, and we wish you all the very best of the season. Here’s what we’re up to….

I usually spend Christmas, or at least Christmas morning, on my own which always makes my friends nervous. “Home alone” at Christmas can sound scary! But for me it is a lovely, reflective time and I have a ritual born from my childhood. I have cinnamon buns because my mom used to bake them specially for us when we were kids; I make sure to have great music, maybe Champagne and fresh orange juice, and a wonderful book to read. It is reflective and cozy and I love it.
My new year’s resolution? To really live by the words “nothing is better than this day.”

– Tracy Nesdoly

Content Director

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I try to keep most of the family traditions every year . On Christmas Eve we leave Santa a glass of Cognac on the mantle.
Christmas dinner is shared with family and old friends mid afternoon. After some naps, games and more wine we eat again.
My new year’s resolution? To slow down and sleep more.

– Julie Matus
 Photo Editor

Christmas on my end is spent in the most “traditional” way possible: A full family get together at my parents’ home, turkey dinner and time spent reflecting on the true meaning of this time of year (and with that comes a noticeable lack of presents, something I am quite happy with).
Too bad a simple scribe cannot convey the joy that permeates through the house during this standard gathering.

My New Year’s resolution? I don’t make resolutions!
– Travis Persaud

Associate editor

My immediate family is scattered over the continent and often find it difficult to get together on actual Christmas Day. So what we always try to do is have a big “Festivus” dinner as close to the holidays as possible, complete with a Newfie Jiggs dinner with our turkey, lots of wine, paper hats or reindeer antler headbands and lively, irresolvable debates (even tackling the ever contentious chicken or egg topic).

My New Year’s resolution is to complain less.
-Athena Mackenzie

Associate editor

My family does not have annual Christmas traditions. With my brother living overseas and our schedules always contrasting we usually just go with the flow and see where we end up.
This Christmas will be spent at the in-laws eating mass amounts of chili and playing mass amounts of board games. Then it is off to my aunt’s house for classic West-Indian food- curry goat, ackee, salt fish and of course black cake are just a few of the delicious dishes I will enjoy.

My New Year’s resolution is to talk less and exercise more.

– Tianna Robinson

Web Content Coordinator

For the holidays my family always gets together on my parents’ farm, a small parcel of land just outside Whitby, On. With the recession in mind, I’ve made all their presents by hand this year. Here’s hoping they like tender acoustic ballads and crude portraits rendered in magic marker.

My resolution for 2010 is to drink more water.
–Evan Rosser
 Editorial Assistant