What Does Aging Gracefully Really Look Like?

Judging by a slew of recent celebrities it looks like many things to many people. While we hold up Dame Helen Mirren (right) as the harbinger of good taste, her own distinct brand of aging gracefully may not necessarily play as well on others. Take the actress Tyne Daly, of 1980s Cagney and Lacey. She recently stood out on the red carpet sporting a “Mirren-esque” look complete with natural grey hair and a bright cocktail frock with matching shoes. The hair style could use an update, and the sleeveless dress would have benefited from, well, sleeves. All in all, Daly would have been better off styling herself more along the lines of her former co-star Sharon Gless, who wore a classic black suit.


Then there’s Madonna, who has spent her entire career breaking barriers and challenging our views of sexuality. But as recent stills from an upcoming video demonstrate, just because you still “have it” at 50, should you keep showing it? Is it time for her, as many online readers comments said, to “put it away?”


And is having the money to pay for tons of cosmetic surgery the answer? Check out the glowing and glamorous Racquel Welch at the American Idol finale. She looks good, and at 69, sexy-we’re not saying Welch has gone under the knife, but are celebrities who have plastic surgery pressuring women of a certain age to look unrealistically young.