The Cats Are Out of the Bag

We may look to women politicians to guide our gender towards equality but someone had better tell certain female candidates to stop their own catty behaviour. Remember Hillary Clinton’s call out after she dropped out of the presidential race? “Although we weren’t able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it has about 18 million cracks in it and the light is shining through like never before,” she rallied the crowd. Well thanks to Republican senatorial candidate and former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, that glass ceiling just got a caulk job. Not aware her microphone was on live she proceeded to criticize California’s female senator (and her opponent) Barbara Boxer, and no, not Boxer’s policies, her hair, saying, “God what is that hair! So yesterday!” We say Fiorina’s comment is what’s really yesterday.

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