Rob Ford Admits to Drug Charges

Toronto mayoral candidate Rob Ford admitted in a statement this morning that he pleaded guilty to refusing to give a breath sample while driving in Florida 11 years ago, he also admitted that he faced a marijuana possession charge that was later dropped. “I guess I had a few drinks at [a] Valentine’s dinner with my wife. And it was a mistake. I shouldn’t have been driving,” he said.

In regards to the marijuana charge, Ford said police pulled him over in Miami on Valentines Day in 1999 and he had a joint in his pocket. He was arrested, booked and release and never appeared in court. He was fined, but could not remember how much the fine was.

This is just the beginning of the the controversy around Ford’s actions as of late. Yesterday at a press conference Ford was quoted as boldly saying, “We can’t even deal with the 2.5 million people in this city. It’s more important that we take care of the people now before we start bringing in more.”