Coronation Street Turns 50

on top: the cast from the 1960s, on bottom: the cast of today

Britain’s favourite soap opera, which airs on CBC television, will celebrate its 50th anniversary on Dec. 9. First airing in 1960, Coronation Street was the first soap to portray everyday working-class life. This seasoned soap was also the first show to have a character voice the first swearword, “bloody” (boy, have we come a long way)

Fifty years later, like many Zoomers, the appearance of the show has become more refined with age with the next generation of the Corrie posing in photoshoot head to toe in glamorous gowns and dapper suits (a far cry from a shot of the original cast in tweed jackets and blouses).

The fictitious street has seen 85 marriages, 124 deaths, and Ken Barlow, played by William Roache, has had 27 lovers.