Jennifer Grey is not a “Baby” Dancer Anymore

Watch the clip above to watch Hough and Grey’s last performance.

By Charlotte Bumstead

Last week, she had the other contestants “begging for mercy” as she danced the cha-cha-cha to Duffy’s Mercy and then waltzed her way to the finals. Stunning and gorgeous at age 50, Grey has blown away the judges and fans of Dancing With The Stars each week with her vibrantly sexy moves and resilient performance. She will be the oldest and quite possibly most talented finalist dancing—alongside partner Derek Hough—in tonight’s finale. Does this Zoomer have what it takes to win the season 11 Mirror Ball Trophy?

Grey, most famously known as Frances “Baby” Houseman from the revolutionary film Dirty Dancing, has expressed her renewed passion for dancing throughout the show. “I’m in love… deeply in love,” she told the world last Tuesday, as the judges awarded her and Hough another perfect score. Although it has been 23 years since her “Baby” days, Grey looks and moves with the same beauty and charm. Her highly skilled performance may even represent an improvement with age. She’s blossomed from her role as Patrick Swayze’s mambo apprentice, and has transformed into a legendary superstar of dance.

Although Grey has been affected by various injuries during the show, she continues to push forward and compete to the end. She admits to questioning her personal strength during moments of great physical difficulty, but, she says, “It’s thrilling to know with enough hard work and tenacity; you can pretty much do anything.” Grey epitomizes the Zoomer mission with her perseverance and determination; she has our vote in the finale starting tonight at 8 p.m. on CTV.