Charlie’s At It Again

By: Brooke Benjamin

Apparently Charlie Sheen did not learn much from his recent episode at the Plaza Hotel as the actor has once again been hospitalized after an alleged 36-hour bender. The story may seem vaguely familiar; it’s not the first time Sheen has jeopardized his health doing copious amounts of drugs and drinking alcohol for days on end. This recent incident took place at his home where he had been partying with several women. The 911 call took place at around 6:35 a.m. on Thursday morning when the actor was then rushed to the hospital for severe abdominal pains. Charlie’s parents are said to be at his bedside. We can’t say that Charlie has learnt his lesson this time around, but here’s to hoping.

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen has been checked into rehab and filming of Two and a Half Men will be put on hold.