Ch-Ching: Celebrity Salaries 2010

By Brooke Benjamin

There’s quite a few drawbacks to being a celebrity, mainly every little blunder being worthy of front page news. However, one thing celebrities can’t complain about is their hefty paycheques. Click through the slideshow to see how much some of your favourite Zoomers earned in the last year.

1)  Sandra’s personal life has been publicly tough this past year but her professional life seems to be soaring- Bullock pulled in $56 million with her box-office hits.

2)  The Queen of Talk Oprah Winfrey earned a staggering $315 million.

3)  Sheen may have been recently fired from his hit show, but the actor’s $30 million in earnings in 2010 means he is still winning.

4)  Donald Trump took in a cool $50 million

5)  Michael Jackson may be gone, but the pay cheques are only getting bigger. His estate brought in $275 million in 2010.

6)  Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres earned an impressive $55 million.

7)  Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp brought in $100 million in 2010.

8 )  Judge Judy’s took home $45 million with her leading courtroom-based reality show.

Brian Johnson of AC/DC

9)  AC/DC proves they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon with $114 million in earnings for 2010.