Cliff Richard: A Healthy Lifestyle Trumps Aging

By Brooke Benjamin
Cliff Richard is one of the few Zoomer rock stars that has gone against the grain and opted for a clean lifestyle. His health-conscious choices are paying off as the singer, 70, is in better shape than many 20-somethings in the music business today.

Richard credits his enviable appearance to a guide written by anti-ageing expert Dr. Maoshing Ni called Secrets of Longevity: Hundreds of Ways to Live to be 100. The book has received praise from several other celebrities including fellow Zoomers Jim Carey and Sheryl Crow.

When inquiring minds asked the singer why he chose not to embrace that ‘rock star lifestyle’ many others have succumbed to, he said, “I respect my audience. I don’t want to go out there looking horrible and I don’t want to go out there sounding horrible.”

Richard maintains his lean physique with regular tennis and gym visits. We think Sir Cliff Richard stands a pretty good chance of celebrating his 100th birthday.