Masked Man

Today marks the birthday of Gerry Cheevers, one of hockey’s most colourful goaltenders. Playing most of his career for the Big Bad Boston Bruins, Cheevers was not only one of the top goalies of his era but, after his playing days, he led the team as coach. But, in spite of his Hall of Fame career, he’s best known for his iconic goalie mask, which was covered in stitches. The story goes that one day Cheevers was hit in the mask during practice. In jest, the team’s trainer painted a stitch-mark on the place where the puck hit. From that time forward, whenever Cheevers took a puck in the face, a new stitch was painted on, until the whole mask was covered. Click here to view some of the all-time cool goalie masks from years past.

-Peter Muggeridge