Happy Birthday, Duchess!

Many of us can recall the trauma of turning 30, that sinking feeling that one is truly leaving behind the carefree bloom of youth for the responsibilities of being a real grown-up. And who can forget that ’60s refrain: never trust anyone over 30? Well, in the case of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, a.k.a. the beautiful bride of Prince William, 30 never looked or felt so darn fabulous. Her last night in her 20s was spent tearing up during the London premiere of Steven Spielberg’s War Horse as rain drifted down from above. But nothing could take away from Catherine’s impeccably gorgeous Alice Temperley lace gown. Always perfect in the style stakes, we have no doubt that tonight’s 30th birthday celebration – with rumours of an intimate and quiet affair – will be as tasteful as every other moment in the Duchess’s public life thus far.

—Kim Izzo