Princess Beatrice is victim of hacking scandal

Britain’s Princess Beatrice’s salary has been revealed after being targeted by hackers.
The 26-year-old royal is the latest victim of computer crime which saw the details of her wages and home address leaked across the internet.
According to Forbes magazine, who have been examining the hacking scandal, Beatrice earns £19,500 a year as a producer for Sony Pictures, where she has been working since January 2014.
Her address was listed at “Windsor, Berkshire”.
The security breach has reportedly sparked concern for other members of the royal household.
Royal author Phil Dampier told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “If it emerges that Princess Beatrice’s information and emails have been hacked along with other Sony employees I expect there will be concern among her family and the royal household.
“When the royals have email accounts, Facebook profiles and Twitter accounts, as Beatrice does, they are in the same boat as the general public when it comes to being hacked.”
Beatrice – who is the daughter of Andrew, Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson – is the latest in a long line of hacking victims, which has also included Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone.
The ‘Rocky’ star had his personal information, such as his social security number revealed in the list.
It is thought the leaks are the result of a revenge plot by North Korea.
The country are allegedly angry at the new comedy movie ‘The Interview’, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, which pokes fun at their totalitarian leader Kim Jong-un.
The country have denied any involvement in the scandal, but added that a sympathiser may have carried out the attack.