Countess of Wessex ‘proof’ healthy lifestyle worth it

Sophie, Countess of Wessex is “proof” that leading a healthy lifestyle keeps you looking young.
The blonde beauty – who celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday (19.01.15) – is said to be an excellent example of how to look less than your years because of her healthy diet and exercise regime.
Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Roberto Viel – who insists the royal has had not gone under the knife – said: “Sophie is proof that lots of sleep and eating well will keep you looking young. Stop calorie counting and start enjoying the right foods.”
Sophie – who has daughter Lady Louise Windsor and son James, Viscount Severn with her husband Prince Edward – is believed to follow an extremely healthy meal plan.
The Detox Kitchen’s Lily Simpson told the Daily Mail newspaper: “Sophie Wessex looks fabulous at 50 thanks to her beautiful glowing skin.
“A diet of plant-based foods and lean protein has had a huge impact on the appearance of skin, as does keeping well hydrated and getting proper sleep.”
However, women as active as Sophie are advised to follow a good skincare regime as well.
Transformulas founder Rosalind Chapman explained: “Sophie leads a very healthy lifestyle – she rides horses and runs regularly both of which help keep her body and skin in great condition.
“She also lives out in the country which means there is less exposure to the damage caused by pollution and free radicals.
“The tone and texture of her skin is beautiful which suggests she uses some sort of brightening serum.”