Prince Charles ‘silenced’ scientist

A scientist claims Britain’s Prince Charles tried to “silence” him.
Professor Edzard Ernst – a controversial scientist and leading critic of alternative medicine – describes how he lost his job at the University of Exeter because of what he claims was royal influence, in his new book ‘A Scientist In Wonderland’.
The German-born professor set up the UK’s first chair in complementary medicine at the academic institution in 1993 but was met with criticism following his outspoken views on alternative therapies such as homeopathy.
Ernst publicly attacked a draft report by economist Christopher Smallwood, that had been commissioned by the Prince of Charles, in 2005, resulting in the vice chancellor of the University receiving an official letter of complaint from Clarence House citing a “breach of confidence”.
The professor claims the following year saw him subjected to interrogations, “dozens of cross-examining emails and letters” and “treated as guilty until proven innocent”.
According to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Ersnt said of the story of the book: “I was innocent, but all support broke down. My unit of 20 co-workers was systematically destroyed.”
However, he has not bowed down to the alleged suppression and openly criticises the heir to throne in a chapter titled ‘Off With His Head’.
He writes: “Prince Charles has continued to promote alternative medicine indefatigably, often showing himself unwilling or unable to distinguish between real health care and blatant quackery, between medicine and snake oil, or between the truth and some half-baked obsessions of his own.”