Queen Elizabeth concerned about Charles’ monarchy

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has concerns about Prince Charles’ kingship.
The 88-year-old monarch is reportedly worried about the reign of her son, 66, who, according to a new unofficial biography ‘Charles: The Heart of a King’ by Catherine Mayer, is planning a “redefinition of the monarchy”.
The heir apparent is thought to be planning to break with his mother’s policy of discretion when it comes to discussing public matters after being sworn in and will continue to express concerns for and ask questions about issues close to his heart.
In the work, which is being serialised by The Times newspaper, Catherine writes: “In defining his role as heir apparent, the prince has signalled a redefinition of the monarchy. Some courtiers – and the sovereign herself – fear that neither the crown nor its subjects will tolerate the shock of the new.”
It was recently reported that Charles will continue to make “heartfelt interventions” in public affairs, having expressed strong views on matters including education, genetic modification of crops and health in the past.
According to Catherine, Charles has also said: “I only take on the most difficult challenges. Because I want to raise aspirations and recreate hope from hopelessness and health from deprivation.”