Queen Elizabeth’s body double had good legs

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s Olympics body double had to prove she had “good” legs before getting the job.
Julia McKenzie, 72, stood in for the monarch in certain parts of a sketch for the 2012 London Games Opening Ceremony – which featured Daniel Craig as James Bond visiting the queen at Buckingham Palace before they boarded a helicopter and parachuted into the stadium – and admitted landing the prestigious role was all dependent on her showing the director her ankles.
Julia told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “We filmed over a few days at Buckingham Palace and I couldn’t breathe a word to anyone.
“I’d worked with the director before and she thought it was something I’d be prepared to do, but she did say she had one proviso; she’d have to see my legs – because the Queen actually has very good legs and they’d be on show getting into the helicopter.”
And Julia wasn’t the only person selected because of her legs as stuntman Gary Connery – who was sewn into a replica of the salmon dress the queen was wearing and parachuted out of the helicopter – previously admitted he was chosen because of his limbs.
Asked why he was chosen for the jump, he has said: “Good question. I think they liked my legs. I’ve got Queen-style legs.”