Prince Andrew promoted

Britain’s Prince Andrew is to be promoted to a naval vice-admiral.
The prince will receive the honour on his 55th birthday next week after it was approved by his mother Queen Elizabeth ” in line with long-standing convention covering military promotions” for royals, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson said.
And the Royal Navy feel the promotion for Andrew – who joined the service in 1979 as a Seaman Officer and served as a Sea King helicopter co-pilot during the Falklands War before ending his active service in 2001 – is deserved for the “contribution” he has made over the years.
In a statement, the Royal Navy said: “Following his active service, His Royal Highness has been hugely supportive of the Royal Navy and has undertaken a vast amount of work for the service over many years.
“This promotion on the occasion of his 55th birthday recognises that contribution.”
In 2009, the navy established a policy that means royal family members are promoted in line with their still-serving peers to mark a continued contribution to the service.
Andrew was made a commander in 1999 and was an officer of the Diplomatic Directorate of the Naval Staff at the Ministry of Defense when his service ended.
On his 50th birthday, he was promoted to the rank of rear admiral.