Queen Elizabeth praises Mexican ties

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth thinks the UK and Mexico are “natural partners”.
The 88-year-old monarch hosted a state dinner in honour of visiting Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto last night (03.03.15) and in an address at the start of the feast, she spoke to guests, including her husband Prince Philip, children Princes Charles and Andrew and Princess Anne and daughter-in-law Duchess Camilla, of the “long and enduring friendship” between the countries.
Describing the nations as “natural partners on many pressing issues in today’s international agenda”, she added: “We remain proud to have been the first European country to recognise Mexican Independence where ties of family, friendship, commerce and international cooperation link us in so many ways.”
Meanwhile, the Mexican leader – who was accompanied by his wife Angelica Rivera – paid tribute to the queen and praised her “devotion, wisdom and dignity”.
Speaking in Spanish, he said: “During more than six decades of accelerated global transformation, you have leaded this emblematic constitutional monarchy with admirable devotion, temperance, wisdom and dignity.
“At the commencement of your reign, your youthfulness was a symbol of renovation and hope; it represented a new beginning for your country, after the arduous years of reconstruction that followed the Second World War II.”As head of state, you have presented to the world the positive image and influence of the United Kingdom.
“Under your reign, your country has been a major cultural reference; advocate of essential values such as freedom, democracy and human rights.
“You, Your Majesty, have been a source of identity and unity to your people; you have been a key figure to reaffirm your nation as a global player.”