Duchess of Cambridge lookalike gets death threats

A lookalike of Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge gets death threats from Internet trolls.
Heidi Agan, who makes up to £3,000 a day as a lookalike of the Duchess, has confessed she’s suffered with anxiety after being targeted by bullies online.
She said: “It’s pretty weird getting death threats from internet trolls on Twitter and Facebook.
“I deliberately kept my pages open for all the nice people that want to get in touch but some people use the internet to say stuff to me they would never dare say to my face.
“If someone is jealous or doesn’t like what I do they can spit it out on their computer and don’t have to deal with me saying something back to them.
“If you’re in the public eye, even as a lookalike, you have to take the rough with the smooth.
“I’ve had to stop reading anything about myself, good or bad, because it knocks my confidence and makes me feel terribly about myself.
“I suffered from quite severe anxiety and had to have hypnotherapy, which thankfully has worked.”
The 34-year-old beauty and single mother admits she’s also been bombarded with bizarre requests from men who fantasise about Duchess Catherine, who is also known by her maiden name Kate Middleton.
She told the Daily Express newspaper: “People started messaging me, wanting pictures of my feet. Some even want to hire me so they can rub my feet because it’s their dream to rub Kate’s. I politely decline.
“Then there are the marriage proposals and people asking me out on dates. I’ve had 15 offers of marriage from strangers.”