Happy 89th Birthday, Queen Elizabeth II!

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Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 89th birthday this week (April 21).

If Queen Elizabeth II were a sporting woman, her stats would be impressive: she is 89 years young, has spent 62 years on the throne (one of the longest serving British monarchs in recent years) and according to Forbes, has an estimated personal net worth of $500 million. Add into that impressive round up the fact that her great-grandson, Prince George, is one of the most beloved tykes in the world and you could say she’s batting 1,000 in the life department.

Last year, the Royal received a new official portrait by renowned British photographer David Bailey. The black and white photo was taken at Buckingham Palace and was released on Twitter as well (that’s our thoroughly modern Lizzy!).

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Bailey described Queen Elizabeth as a “very strong woman” with “very kind eyes with a mischievous glint.” The portrait was commissioned for a government campaign to promote Britain’s heritage and tourism to potential visitors abroad.

The Queen is outfitted in pearls and a dress by Angela Kelly, her personal assistant and senior dresser since 2002 according to the BBC. Kelly was reportedly sent to help Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, prepare her own wardrobe for her current three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand.

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The queen celebrates two birthdays each year: the first is her actual one on April 21 (celebrated privately) and in June where the occasion is marked by a public ceremony including a Trooping the Color parade in London.