Queen Elizabeth to visit the Duchy of Lancaster

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is to visit the Duchy of Lancaster today (29.05.15).
The 89-year-old monarch will travel to West London to visit the
unique portfolio of land, property and assets that is held in trust for the Sovereign and used to provide income for the royal family.
The official Twitter page of the British Monarchy explained: “Today The Queen, Duke of Lancaster, will visit the Duchy of Lancaster.
“Since 1399, the title Duke of Lancaster has been held by the reigning Monarch.”
Earlier this week, the Queen travelled to Westminster, London to officially open a new session of Parliament.
The monarch has performed the task every year of her reign except 1959 and 1963, when she was pregnant, but the most-recent appearance was of particular importance as it marked the start of a new government, following the General Election held earlier this month.
She read out a speech that was written for her by the government during the historic ceremony, which sees representatives from both British political houses – the House of Commons and the House of Lords – come together.