Duchess of Cambridge is a ‘normal’ woman

Designer Amaia Arrieta thinks Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge is a “normal and natural” woman.
The retailer – who runs a classic and traditional childrenswear store in London, where the Duchess is known to shop – has recalled how humble she found the royal during their first meeting, which took place shortly after she gave birth to 23-month-old Prince George.
She told HOLA.com: “The first time she came into the shop she was with her mother [Carole Middleton] …
“It was quite funny because she said, ‘I’ve just had a baby and I’m a little lost. Would you be able to help me?’
“Of course we knew who she was! It surprised us to see how normal and natural she was. We helped her like any new mum and I think she liked that because she’s been coming back ever since.
“She usually comes alone and although we show her everything we have in the size she needs, she usually knows what she wants. She’s very decisive but she does let us make suggestions, and sometimes she buys things she wouldn’t have picked up. She’s very charming, very normal and very sweet.
“Her sister [Pippa Middleton] and her mum have also been back a few times to buy things for their nephew and niece and grandson, but at separate times.”