Queen Elizabeth warns against European divisions

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has warned that “division in Europe is dangerous”.
The 89-year-old monarch delivered a rallying call to the continent during a speech at a state banquet held at the Bellevue Palace, the official residence of the German president, Joachim Gauck.
She said: “The United Kingdom has always been closely involved in its continent. Even when our main focus was elsewhere in the world, our people played a key part in Europe.
“In our lives, we have seen the worst but also the best of our continent. We have witnessed how quickly things can change for the better. But we know that we must work hard to maintain the benefits of the post-war world.
“We know that division in Europe is dangerous and that we must guard against it in the West as well as in the East of our continent. That remains a common endeavour.”
The event in Berlin – which was also attended by Prime Minister David Cameron and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor – saw the Queen praise Britain’s “irreversible” friendship with Germany since the Second World War.
What’s more, she said Britain has a “key part” to play in shaping Europe.