Prince Philip: I don’t like doctors

The Duke of Edinburgh doesn’t like doctors.
94-year-old Prince Philip told medical student Bastian Rosner that he “wouldn’t see any doctors at all” given the choice, during a walkabout in Berlin on Friday (26.06.15), as part of a four-day visit to Germany with the Queen.
When Bastian told him he was studying medicine at the nearby Charite University Hospital, Philip asked him: “Do you plan to treat patients after you have qualified?”
When he said he did, Prince Philip replied: “They all give you different opinions.”
The trainee doctor was there with his partner Jan Onno Reiners and the couple said Prince Philip “didn’t flinch” when they said they were boyfriends.
Speaking to the Sunday Express newspaper, Mr Rosner said: “I thought it was hilarious. He clearly doesn’t trust doctors but he looks well on it.”
The Queen and Prince Philip’s visit to Germany has also seen the royal couple visit the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp to pay tribute to those who lost their lives there during the Second World War.
Her Majesty, who lived through World War II and was evacuated to Windsor Castle during the Blitz, was making her first visit to the Nazi camp and was accompanied by the Duke, who spent the war fighting with the Royal Navy.
During the visit, the Queen met with some of the Jewish survivors of the camp as well as men from the British VIII Corps which liberated Bergen-Belsen on the 15th April 1945.