Britain’s Prince of Wales increasingly proud of charity

Britain’s Prince of Wales is growing “increasingly proud” of his charity PRIME Cymru.
The founder of the fund – which supports those aged over 50 to find employment – praised the long-serving mentors, who have “done such fantastic work over the years”.
Speaking at the 2015 PRIME Cymru awards in Aberystwyth , he said: “I’m increasingly proud of what PRIME Cymru is managing to achieve…and what I wanted to do today as well, is to recognise those marvellous mentors who have done such fantastic work over all the years, many of who have and still been with us really quite a long time now, and without whom nothing would actually be achieved.”
Britain’s Prince of Wales recently presented the Green Business award to a man who rescues horses.
Sid Smallman, who set up Phoenix Horse Logging, where he safeguards the animals before training them, started the project with the help of Prince Charles’ fund.
Commenting on the work of his charity Charles added: “This sort of gathering provides us with an opportunity just to remember that a person over the age of 50 is five times more likely to be made redundant and is eight times less likely to find alternative employment than a person in the 18 to 30 age group, and that’s not generally, I think, understood or recognised.”