Prince Harry encouraged to follow his dreams

Prince Harry has been encouraged to cut back on his royal duties.
Former politician Ann Widdecombe believes the royal should “take a leaf from his uncle Edward’s book” and follow his dreams rather than taking on the role of a full time royal.
Speaking about Prince Harry’s conservation work in South Africa, she wrote in the Daily Express newspaper: “I think if Prince Harry wants to be in Africa, then he should take a leaf from his uncle Edward’s book. With the births of George and Charlotte it is extremely unlikely that he will ever inherit the throne so why live as if that were his destiny?
“Prince Edward made exactly that calculation as his elder brothers started reproducing so he abandoned life in the Marines for a career in theatre production. It can’t have been easy and I doubt if Prince Philip was pleased but Edward had decided to be his own man, both in career and marriage.
“He still carries out royal duties but has combined that with going his own way and he seems pretty happy. He is the only one of the queen’s children not to have divorced. The option was to make a life out of being an increasingly minor royal. He rejected that and so should Harry.”
Harry has been spending time at Kruger Park game reserve in South Africa and has joined the war on criminals for the government’s anti-poaching campaign called Operation Corona.
He is expected to spend three months in the area.