‘Lonely’ Princess Diana

Princess Diana was “lonely” and homesick in her final days.
The royal died in a car crash in Paris in 1997, along with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed, and Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell claims she was desperate to get back to London before she died.
Speaking during an appearance on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, he said: “She had phoned me and told me she was going to be late back so to change her diary.
“She phoned me and made me promise I would be there when she got back.
“She was so desperate to get back to her own little world, to come home -she was so lonely.”
He also claimed that Diana made him promise to still be there when she got back from her holiday.
He said: “She called and said, ‘I want her hear you say it.’ I said, ‘Ok I promise I will be there’ and that is the last thing I said to her. Now I think why did she say that to me?”
Paul also called the tragic day she died “the saddest day of my life”.
He added: “I was waiting for her to come home.”