Beckhams are richer than Queen Elizabeth II

The Beckham family are now wealthier than Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.
David and Victoria, together with their four children Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 13, ten-year-old Cruz and Harper, four, have become a lucrative brand that has amassed more cash than Her Majesty.
According to academics at the London School of Marketing, the family business – which includes David’s company Footworks and Victoria’s fashion empire entitled Beckham Ventures – has accrued £470m with the figure rising annually by around £30m to £40m.
What’s more, the retired soccer star enjoyed a rise in income when he gave up professional football last year and won a £50million contract to endorse a new whiskey for Diageo.
Meanwhile, in comparison the Queen is worth approximately £340million, according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2015.
The main source of the monarch’s income is her Sovereign Grant – a 15 per cent payment from the profits made by the Crown Estate that is paid to her annually.
The Crown Estate is an independent commercial property business, with one of the largest property portfolios in the UK, that dates back to 1760 when George III reached an agreement with the government for surplus revenue from the crown’s lands to go to the Treasury.
Since then, every succeeding monarch has renewed the arrangement.
However, neither the Beckhams nor Her Majesty are richer than the Duke of Westminster, Gerald Grosvenor.
The Duke, 63, is a British billionaire, landowner and peer who owns property company Grosvenor Group and is worth £17.6 billion.