Britain’s Prince Charles needs rest

Britain’s Prince Charles will miss the state banquet to rest.
Buckingham Palace recently confirmed that the 66-year-old royal is set to miss the event held by his mother Queen Elizabeth in honour of China’s President Xi Jinping so he can relax before he heads abroad next month for royal commitments.
A source told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “Perhaps he has not been in public view quite as much as he often is in October but that’s because he has got such a busy time ahead. By the end of this year he’ll have done seven foreign tours. He normally only does three. He’s abroad virtually the whole of November.
“There was always going to be an issue with his time during the state visit but he has built in time with the president when they can talk. The state banquet is a lovely celebratory event but it’s not the central event and it’s not one where there’s an opportunity to chat at length and build up a working relationship.”
However, the Prince of Wales will meet with the President during his four-day visit despite his rumoured strained relationship with the Asian country over his support for the disputed territory of Tibet.
During the President’s visit, the Prince will attend a meeting with the Chinese delegation at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London before attending a formal welcome on Horse Guards Parade.