Prince George’s pigeon fascination

Prince George prefers pigeons to dinosaurs.
While the two-year-old royal’s mother Duchess Catherine took him to the dinosaur gallery at the National History Museum in London last week, she admitted he was less interested in the exhibit than a pigeon he saw outside.
Speaking with 10-year-old Carl Goddard and his mentor Claire Butler from Chance UK in London on Tuesday (27.10.15), the duchess spoke about the visit.
Claire explained to PEOPLE: “She said that George was more interested in a pigeon they found there rather than all the amazing exhibits.
“I was a bit nervous [to meet her] but when I got my first word out it felt normal. I was telling her about what a good mentor should have. She should be empathetic so she can put herself into the child’s shoes and think about how they are feeling.”
Catherine and George – whose father is Prince William – were spotted mingling among other visitors at the London museum as they checked out the exhibit last week.
Fellow visitor Rimi Rahman said: “She was holding George’s hand, showing him around and talking to one of the people who worked there.
“People didn’t really notice her at all. They went all around the dinosaur gallery – George looked so cute and little, his hair is so nice. He looked so happy.”
A museum spokesperson said: “We were very happy to welcome Natural History Museum Patron HRH the Duchess of Cambridge for a private visit.”