Britain’s Prince George loves the outdoors

Britain’s Prince George of Cambridge “instinctively” likes to be outdoors.
The two-year-old royal’s grandfather, Prince Charles, has revealed the eldest child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is a huge fan of nature.
He told Sky News: “Fortunately he’s one of those characters, I think, who naturally, instinctively likes to be outside.
“It’s very interesting. I’m intrigued to see if it lasts. But he loves being outside, which is encouraging. Like all these things, it depends if you can get them to take an interest.”
Meanwhile, the 33-year-old Duchess previously revealed her daughter Princess Charlotte, six months, is getting used to her “noisy big brother”.
She shared: “They are doing really well, thanks. Charlotte is getting bigger and getting on well with her noisy big brother.”
During her trip to North Wales last week, Duchess Catherine also revealed she wants her children to join the Girl Guides and Scouts when they’re older.
Caernarfon’s county commissioner for Girl Guides, Jill Wilkinson, said: “She said that she needs to put Charlotte’s name down for Rainbows.
“She really enjoyed helping with the Scout group and said she will get George for Scouting.”