Christmas gift tags belonging to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth are auctioned

A number of Christmas gift tags signed by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth have been auctioned off.
The unique lots were said to belong to the son of a former royal bodyguard, whose father collected them whilst he worked with the 89-year-old royal and her family.
Whilst the royal aide refused to sell them himself whilst he was alive, the son decided to let them go and received the hefty sum of $7,000 for the five lots, all brought by different buyers.
One reads: “Andrew, with love from Mummy,” whilst another note from the Queen’s husband Prince Philip says: “Andrew + Edward for a bouncing Christmas from Papa.”
A tag written by Prince Charles, who is first in line to the throne, had a comedy angle, with the Prince of Wales writing: “Alexandra + Angus, with all love for a very happy, inebriated Christmas from Charles.”
Meanwhile, it is certainly not the first royal item to be auctioned as of late.
Earlier this month, a menu from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding fetched over $1,250.