Prince Charles makes climate change speech

Britain’s Prince Charles has warned there is “no plan B” to tackle climate change.
The 67-year-old prince made a passionate appeal to world leaders at the Paris Climate Change conference yesterday (01.12.15), in which he urged them to save the forests.
He said: “It is very simple, we must save our forests for there is no Plan B to tackle climate change or many of the other ­critical challenges that face humanity without them.”
Though Charles admitted some progress has been made in tackling the issue, he stressed there is an urgent need to start replacing the 500 million hectares of tropical rainforest lost since 1950.
He added: “Encouraging though the progress made to date has been, it remains the case that many of the world’s largest companies pay scant, by which I really mean no, attention to the deforestation footprint of their supply chains.
“As all the horrors of even a two-degree warmer world bite, we are going to need a lot more forest, not a slight reduction in the existing rate of attrition.”
More than 150 world leaders, including David Cameron , Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, are attending the summit – which runs until December 11 – to reach a deal to stop global temperatures rising over 2C above pre-industrial levels.