Prince Harry thanks Walking With The Wounded supporters

Prince Harry has written a special letter of thanks to the supporters of the Walking With The Wounded Christmas campaign.
The 31-year-old royal is an avid supporter of the charity, which cares for veterans of recent conflicts, and has taken the time to write a message to everyone who has supported its efforts.
He wrote in the Daily Mirror newspaper: “If [veterans] can find the right job, they can get back what they crave the most: their independence and to provide security to their family.
“And that’s where organisations like Walking with the Wounded come in. In 2015 the charity helped nearly 400 veterans who were homeless.
“In 2016 it aims to reach even more. That is why I am delighted that the Daily Mirror and its readers are throwing their support behind this cause.”
Prince Harry said it is especially important to be supportive over the Christmas period.
He wrote: “At this time of year it is even more important to help those who have fallen on hard times and don’t have a safe place they can go home to for Christmas.
“Thank you for supporting the Walking Home for Christmas Campaign.”