Britain’s Duke of York visits Camden Market

Britain’s Duke of York visited Camden Market on Wednesday (27.01.16).
Prince Andrew, the son of Queen Elizabeth, stopped by the Half Hitch Gin micro-distillery in north London to show his support for entrepreneurs.
He also visited ice cream shop Chin Chin Labs, which uses liquid nitrogen to make the tasty treats and was shown around a new co-working space at the nearby Gilgamesh restaurant.
Meanwhile, the Prince is a long-time supporter of business start-ups, having recently unveiled his [email protected] scheme.
He said: “It’s dead simple. I felt that venture capital was not investing in early stage activity. It comes out of mitigating risk rather than looking at the individual and the idea, and accepting that the idea may change.
“I called in a few people from the venture capital world – yes, quite a few from Cambridge – the idea was for a member of the Royal Family to be an accelerant. [email protected] is an enabling device to bring small businesses and entrepreneurs in contact with these people. I take no cut.
“It’s a subtle difference, but in the US they think work, sleep work, whereas our entrepreneurs go from work to the pub, go to bed at 3am and get up again at 7, and this eat, sleep, play routine means they are all playing off each other.”