Duchess of York wants Swiss residency

Britain’s Duchess of York wants to become a resident of Switzerland.
The former wife of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, has already submitted paperwork to become a resident of the village of Verbier, Canton of Valais.
She told Le Nouvelliste newspaper: “I want to officially become a Valaisian resident. The administrative process is ongoing.”
Meanwhile, Sarah Ferguson recently had a brief stint selling food blenders on shopping channel QVC.
She told viewers at the time: “Americans have been so good to me. They helped me build my confidence. They gave my children their mother back because they believed in second chances.
“I’ve made a few mistakes, put on weight and done this, that and the other and now because of the American people, I wanted to be really honest with them.”
And Sarah has also been busy selling her Bentley car for reportedly one fifth of its value.
A source said previously: “She’s always short of cash so selling a car she doesn’t use makes sense.”