Queen Elizabeth Praises Princess Diana’s Influence

Princes William and Harry remind Queen Elizabeth of Princess Diana.
Although the late Princess had a strained relationship with her former mother-in-law during her life, the Queen believes that Diana’s influence on her sons William and Harry has been overwhelmingly positive for the monarchy.
A source told the Daily Mail newspaper: “She sees how much Diana radiates out of William and Harry and the effect they have on ordinary people. It is Diana that they see. That sense of fun, that easy way with people.”
Diana divorced Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Charles in 1996 and most of the royal family took his side.
Lady Anne Glenconner, a close friend and lady-in-waiting to the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret, said: “I think rather rightly they took Prince Charles’s side, like you would in any family. You would take the side of your own relation, that’s quite natural.”
Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth, who is married to Prince Philip, is more popular than ever with the British public and her cousin Margaret Rhodes says she deserves her “happy ending”.
Speaking about the monarch ahead of her 90th birthday in April, Margaret said: “I think the Queen’s earned a happy ending, don’t you?
“My goodness, with the break-up of Charles’s marriage and those of the other children Andrew and Anne, she’s had a bit of a basinful. No wonder she’s so close to Edward’s lovely wife, Sophie. It upset her terribly that the others made such a mess of their marriages.”