Britain’s Prince William is a fan of Pimp My Ride

Britain’s Prince William is a fan of ‘Pimp My Ride’.
The 33-year-old royal revealed he enjoys watching the MTV show during a visit to youth charity XLP and joked he wanted to take the police van-turned-mobile recording studio, that featured on the programme, home with him.
When he and the Duchess of Cambridge were handed a few gifts by the young people who use the charity, the Duke joked: “Do we get the van? I want the van.”
Meanwhile, during the visit to the centre – which mentors young people in London to help them overcome problems – the royal couple heard from Sefton Henry, 27, who has turned his life around and is now helping police officers deal with gangs.
Of his own experiences, he shared: “I’m an ex-gang member. I spent, like 19 years or 18 years in it. I have been in prison seven different times. I’ve been shot at. I’ve been stabbed. I’ve been bricked, I’ve been bottled, I’ve been run over.
“Another thing I didn’t have was a father figure, a role model, someone to say to me what was right.”
Patrick Regan was inspired to set up XLP after taking part in youth work at a school.
He explained: “I remember meeting a kid who wore a bullet proof vest under his school uniform and he said: ‘I’ll be dead by next week’. He got stabbed through the neck six weeks later. He survived.
“I met a 14-year-old girl who said her biggest aim in life was to be a‎ single mum. So I found 17 people to give me £25 per month and I started XLP.”