Britain’s Duchess of York: I’m a ‘global mother’

Britain’s Duchess of York is a “global mother”.
The 56-year-old royal – who has two children, Princess Eugenie, 25, and Princess Beatrice, 27, with her former husband Prince Andrew, the Duke of York – insists she is a mother to all children whatever “race, creed or colour”.
Speaking at Starlite children’s charity gala in Mexico City, she said: “I’ve been all over the world, I’ve met many people; I’m very lucky. But I’ve never met someone like him – Antonio Banderas.
“I’m a global mother who has two beautiful girls. We believe in family unity; that there should be no race, creed, colour or any other denomination. It’s from the heart and my job is to get out there as a global mother.”
The Duchess also praised her children and ex-husband for their philanthropic ways and spoke of her “passion” for charity work.
In an interview with HOLA TV!, she added: “My children are very good; they work very hard with philanthropic matters. My ex-husband Prince Andrew does a lot for charity. This [the event] is a good example of how we can all get together to support children.
“I do not regret anything I have done. Philanthropy is my passion. The work I’ve done for the world is growing and yes, it is something I would like to do for life.”