Queen Elizabeth reaches out to Brussels after terrorist attack

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has sent her “condolences” to Brussels following its terrorist attack on Tuesday (22.03.16).
The 89-year-old monarch has penned a letter of sympathy to the people of the Belgium capital on behalf of herself and her husband Prince Philip after she learnt the city had come under attack by extremists earlier this week.
In the typed letter, published on her official Twitter account, she wrote: “On behalf of the people of the United Kingdom, we send our most sincere condolences to you, the families of those who have died and all those in Belgium affected by this terrible series of events.”
And she wasn’t the only royal to reach out the capital in the wake of the explosion at the Maelbeek metro station and the departures hall of the Zaventem airport, which killed at least 34 people and injured hundreds, as King Philippe of Belgium also reached out to the nation hours after the news broke.
He said at the time: “Today, our country is in mourning. For each of us, March 22 will be a day like no other.
“We are suffering deep wounds and broken lives. [My wife Queen] Mathilde and I share your sorrow, you who have lost a loved one, or who have been injured by the cowardly and odious attacks today.”