Queen Elizabeth’s Feisty Family Photo Shoot

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has marked her 90th birthday with a photo shoot with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.
The 89-year-old royal – who reaches the milestone birthday in April – was joined by two of her great-grandchildren for the shoot with famed photographed Annie Leibovitz.
A source told The Sun newspaper: “William and Kate were with the children but as adoring parents rather than wanting to be in the pictures themselves. Annie was taking the official pictures but Kate took her own snaps for the family album. It was really cute.
“The Queen loves her great-grandchildren and is very proud of them. The pictures will be a lovely way to mark a remarkable 90th birthday.”
Meanwhile, Annie previously revealed the monarch is “feisty”.
She said: “Oh my god, she’s feisty. That was the session that had so much controversy over it. And I said, ‘what are you talking about?’ I mean, she was just incredible to work with.
“The reality is, she is a woman with a great sense of duty. I mean she not only stayed the entire 25 minutes, 30 minutes, but she waited for me to say I was done. And then I said thank you. And she didn’t get up and leave. She’s feisty. I mean, it’s like photographing your great-aunt or something like that. She has so much energy and so much drive. And she definitely has opinions.”