Swedish royal christening to take place in May

The christening of Sweden’s Prince Oscar will take place on May 27.
Oscar – whose parents are Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel – will be christened at the Royal Chapel inside Stockholm’s Royal Palace just before he turns three months old.
His godparents will be announced before the ceremony.
Meanwhile, it has been revealed that one of the first gifts the newborn prince received is a stork.
Oscar will sponsor the bird for life on behalf of the Society for Nature Conversation, with a spokesperson telling Aftonbladet: “Everyone knows that the stork brings children. The stork is a typical Skane bird. It seems a fitting tribute to the prince that he will sponsor one for life.”
Prince Oscar was born at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm last month and Victoria and Daniel, who got married in 2010, were initially planning to welcome their little one at Hala Palace via a home birth, but they seemingly changed their minds.
Nevertheless, Prince Daniel witnessed his little son being born and later left the hospital to address the press.
The couple announced they were expecting their second child back in September, but decided to remain tight-lipped on the tot’s sex until the birth.
They already have a daughter, Princess Estelle, four, together.