Britain’s Princess Anne praises carers

Britain’s Princess Anne thanked carers for their unfaltering work as she toured Wigan and Leigh Carers Centre.
The 65-year-old royal met with carers, staff and volunteers at the centre in Hindley, Wigan, where she praised its’ work to support the borough’s carers.
Speaking at the event, she said: “Can I just say a big thank you to everyone who set up the centre and for your involvement with the network with the Carers Trust. There’s no doubts that our ability to help carers generally actually requires us to know a lot more about individual carers and their needs.
“Centres like this have been important in helping us to understand those needs of carers and how to represent that more widely. Your experience gives an enormous amount of support to others who maybe feel they aren’t quite sure how to do it and make it work and centres like this give an enormous amount of encouragement to others who would like to have a centre and know that there are carers out there they would like to support.”
And the Princess Royal went on to celebrate the support from local volunteers, organisation and the council.
She added: “The mixture of volunteers, local authority support and other organisations, which can make such a difference at a place like this. There are a number of things that need to come into place at the same time, like the venue, where it is, how accessible it is and the relationship with the local authority.
“You’ve done incredibly well here and thank you very much for that and for your contribution to the network as a whole, it’s been a pleasure to be here today.”