Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is a ‘chocoholic’

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is a “chocoholic”.
The 90-year-old royal loves chocolate cake, according to her former chef Darren McGrady, but is very reserved about how much she will eat.
He said: “The Queen loves chocolate. She’s a chocoholic. I think for Her Majesty it’s about small portions. She’s very disciplined. So a tiny piece of chocolate cake and then back to the kitchen.
“The chocolate biscuit cake goes out again and again and again until it’s all gone. It’s the Queen’s favourite but also William’s favourite too. The Queen would take a mental picture of the chocolate cake and if any of it was gone, she’d actually ask, ‘Who’s been eating the chocolate biscuit cake?'”
And Darren, who cooked for the royal family for 15 years, also revealed there was one particular food item which was banned from the menu when the Queen was around – garlic.
He shared: “One of the things we couldn’t use on the menu was garlic. The Queen doesn’t like garlic. It’s an old Victorian thing, the after-taste of the garlic.
“We never used garlic when the Queen was at the table. But Prince Philip loved it, so when the Queen wasn’t there we could use it.”
Meanwhile, Darren also revealed the late Princess Diana was very lenient with her sons, Princes William and Harry, when it came to food and he is convinced the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be the same with their children Prince George, two and Princess Charlotte, 12 months.
He added: “The nanny would be up in the nursery and say, ‘No dessert unless you eat all the main course.’ Whereas Princess Diana would say, ‘Yes, go on, eat it. You can have what you want.’ I can see William and Kate spoiling George and Charlotte.”