Prince Harry worried he’ll become ‘boring’ royal

Britain’s Prince Harry is worried he’ll soon become the “boring” royal now that his brother Prince William’s children George and Charlotte seem to be stealing all the limelight.
The 31-year-old hunk is determined to work his socks off and use his position until people go off him and start turning their attention to the young ones of the royal family.
He explained: “I am in this privileged position and I will use it for as long as I can, or until I become boring, or until George [his nephew] ends up becoming more interesting.”
The flame-haired prince and his older brother William, 33, were recently branded “workshy” after it emerged how many official engagements they’d carried out this year, but he’s adamant he’s never been one to sit on his bottom all day.
Speaking ahead of the Invictus Games, he said: “I don’t get any satisfaction from sitting at home on my a***.”
And, although he feels like he never gets a chance to rest, Harry believes he can’t enjoy “downtime” like everyone else because he’s constantly bombarded by fans or press.
He’s quoted by the Daily Mail newspaper as saying: “When people finish work… if you want to have a bit of downtime you might go to the pub with your mates.
“I do that less because it’s not downtime for me… I don’t know who I am going to bump into. I don’t know if someone’s going to try and grab a selfie.”