Prince Harry’s paternal pride

Britain’s Prince Harry already feels like a “dad”.
The 31-year-old royal would love to have children of his own one day but for the time being, his focus is on his Invictus Games – a sporting contest for injured service personnel which is currently taking place in Florida – and he admitted he has paternal pride towards all the competitors.
Asked by ‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter Susanna Reid if he wants to have children, he said: “Me and being a dad? God, you know, one thing at a time Susanna, one thing at a time. I look forward to the time when it comes but at the moment I’m dad to 110 of these competitors, and well actually probably more like 500, but you know I feel incredibly proud.
“It’s not pride for the games, it’s pride for them, military or nonmilitary, these games have somehow managed to create this amazing inspiration, to encourage anybody from any walks of life to get up and smash it and make the most of your second chance I guess.”
The former Army officer is also a devoted uncle to his brother Prince William and sister-in-law Duchess Catherine’s children, two-year-old Prince George and 12-month-old Princess Charlotte, and wishes he’d been able to take them out to the US to watch the Games and meet the military veterans.
He said: “It’s a shame that they’re not old enough to come out here but hopefully whether it’s the next games or the ones after that, get them down there and give them an opportunity to come and enjoy it and see some remarkable people doing some amazing things.
“I think George is almost at that age where he would completely get it, completely understand and probably be one of those kids going up going, ‘You’ve got no legs, why’s that?’ And the guys would be more than happy to tell the kids that.”